European Practice in Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Volume 6: Pediatric & Adolescent Gynaecology

Year 2003, Paperback, ISBN: 0-444-51360-4, 278 pages, Price: EUR 60
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Edited by J.J. Amy

Included in series European Practice in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, 6


Examining and treating children and adolescents can be a frightening and unsatisfactory experience for the gynaecologist lacking experience. The pathology is completely different from that affecting older women, and both the diagnostic approach and the therapeutic measures to be applied have little in common with those to which physicians resort in their practice of adult gynaecology.
This concise monograph intends to provide the reader with a wealth of information in a highly structured, readable and accessible way. One of the authors' endeavours was to avoid overlap, and hence redundancy of information.
The book further illustrates the extraordinarily multidisciplinary character of paediatric and adolescent gynaecology, which unquestionably is one of its most rewarding features: the paediatric gynaecologist works hand-in-hand with colleagues and other health professionals working in many different fields, and learns a lot from this. This process of intellectual pollination benefits all concerned.


Preface (J. Lansac).
Introduction (J.J. Amy).
1. Embryology of the female genital tract (J.A. Land, J.L.H. Evers).
2. Hormonal control and developoment in utero, during the neonatal period and during childhood (C. Traggiai, R. Stanhope).
3. Puberty and anomalies of pubertal development (C. Traggiai, E. Samoshkina, R. Stanhope).
4. Gynaecological examination of the young child and the adolescent (F.B. Lammes).
5. Disorders of sexual differentiation (V. de Boe, J. de Schepper, J.J. Amy).
6. Müllerian duct anomalies (M. Nisolle, P. Descamps, J.J. Amy).
7. Pediatric vulvo-vaginitis (F.B. Lammes).
8. Vulval disorders (M. Pelisse).
9. Genital bleeding during childhood (J.J. Amy).
10. Primary amenorrhoea (D.K. Edmonds).
11. Other menstrual disorders.
12. Hyperandrogenic conditions in the adolescent (V. Bruni, M. Dei).
13. Turner Syndrome: management and research in a life-span perspective (I. Bryman, M.-L. Barrenäs et al.).
14. Breast disorders (F. Peters).
15. Gynaecological tumours (P. de Sutter, C. Bourgain).
16. Sexual abuse (F. Dal, A. Lampo, J.J. Amy).
17. Anorexia nervosa (M. Dhont, C. Jannes).
18. Contraception (G. Creatsas).
19. Teenage pregnancy (A.S. Garden).
20. Imaging in pediatric gynaecology (A. Portuese, R. Raffaelli et al.).